Finished Dramas

How it all started

The first asian drama I finished watching was the Meteor Garden Series. I binged watch it because I hate being in suspense or feeling “hanging”. I don’t want to be constantly waiting for the next episode and also during that time, the only way to watch is from Channel-2 and it was “tagalized” or dubbed in filipino/tagalog. It was definitely a hit. I remember liking Hua Ze Lei first then eventually more of Dao Ming Si fan and Xi Men. Oh Man those were the days.  So after the Meteor Garden series, I watched Full House(it was ran in GMA-7). I didn’t finish the series the first time because I had more important things to take care of. Three years after, I was able to finish this drama and can really say “It’s one of the best dramas I watched”. 

How I usually know what drama to watch next depends on how I liked the actors/actresses of the drama I recently watched. As an example, my friend suggested for me to watch Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. I ended up liking this and the actor Nam Joo Hyuk as well, so I search for all his dramas and check which one is the best – that’s how Who are you : School 2015 ended up in the list of dramas I already watched. 

So here’s the list of the dramas I’ve watched so far. I will try to add what I think or my personal reviews of these dramas. Please take note that it will be based on how I remember it because I watched most of these a long time ago. 


  1. Another Miss Oh
  2. A Love So Beautiful
  3. Big
  4. Boys Over Flowers
  5. Brilliant Legacy aka Shining Inheritance
  6. Cinderella and Four Knights
  7. City Hunter
  8. Crash Landing On you
  9. Descendants of the Sun
  10. Discovery of Love
  11. Doctors
  12. Encounter
  13. Five Enough
  14. Flower Boy Ramen Shop aka Cool Guys, Hot Ramen
  15. Full House
  16. Goblin
  17. Gu Family Book
  18. Hello My Teacher
  19. I Do, I Do
  20. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
  21. Kanchi the beginning
  22. King 2 hearts 
  23. Legend of the Blue Sea
  24. Lie to me
  25. Love in the Moon Light
  26. Love O2O
  27. Lovers in Paris
  28. Marriage, Not Dating
  29. Master’s Sun
  30. My Fair Lady 2009
  31. My Girl
  32. New Tales of Gisaeng
  33. My love from another star 
  34. Night After Night – kim sun ah / lee dong gun
  35. My Lovely Sam Soon
  36. My secret romance
  37. Night After Night – kim sun ah / lee dong gun
  38. Noble my love
  39. Odyssey
  40. Oh My Ghost
  41. Oh! My Lady
  42. Oh My Venus
  43. Only You
  44. Personal Taste
  45. Princess Hours
  46. Scent of A Woman
  47. Secret Garden
  48. She Was Pretty
  49. Shining Inheritance
  50. Strong girl do bong soon
  51. Sweet 18
  52. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
  53. The Bride of Habaek
  54. The Greatest Love
  55. The Heirs
  56. The Producers
  57. The secret life of my secretary
  58. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
  59. The world that you live in
  60. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  61. Who Are You? School 2015
  62. Wild Romance

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