My Personal Review on CDrama : A Love so Beautiful

How did you come to know about the drama series? 
I just finished watching Who are you : School 2015 and Netflix suggested A Love so Beautiful. So seeing this, I asked my asiandrama/ kdrama addict friend if it’s worth to watch and she said it’s a sweet drama. 

Do you know the actors & actress before you started watching the drama? 
No. I haven’t seen them appear in any of the dramas I watched. It’s my first time seeing them here. 

How was the first episode?
To be honest, I struggled starting this chinese drama but as soon as I finished first two episodes, I did not want to stop.

What was your favorite part of the drama?
***spoiler alert**
Episode 23 : When Bo Song and Jiang Chen had a confrontation on who loves Xiaoxi more and where was Jiang Chen for the past 3 years. Jiang Chen detailed why everyone thinks that Xiaoxi loves her more than he does. How he’s different from them. How he thought that he’d be fine on his own. But Xiaoxi made it easier by always being there for him. That made him realize that he keeps on checking on her if she’s following him, worrying whether Xiaoxi is able to solve the math exams. Little did he know, Bo Song was in the call with Xiaoxi 🙂 

Who is/are your favorite character in the drama?
I like the characters of Jiang Chen who even though doesn’t show his affection towards Xiaoxi has stayed faithful and caring to her, Xiaoxi who doesn’t give up on proclaiming her love to Jiang Chen and Bo Song who has showed unconditional love towards Xiaoxi.

Did you like the ending?
Yes, I loved the ending! I loved how they showed Jiang Chen’s point of view, particularly his thoughts and his feelings. The bonus episode made me want to go back to the episodes related to the snippets.

How’s the OTP(One True Pair)?
It was clear in the beginning that Xiaoxi has her heart for Jiang Chen. But there was a time during their 3-year break that I thought Xiaoxi had a change of heart. I’m sad for Bo Song but I didn’t hate him. I was actually rooting for him and Jingxiao to be the love match 😀

Would you rewatch it?

Is this your first time watching this drama? If no, how many times have you watched it?
Yes it’s my first time and I didn’t regret it.

If you can change the ending, would you change it? If yes, what will the ending be like?
I wouldn’t change the ending.

Did it make you search for all the dramas of the actors / actresses?
Of course! haha