How did you come to know about the drama series?
I have heard of this kdrama many times from my friends who love watching kdramas but I ignored it because the first time I watched Lee Sung-kyung (who played Kim Bok-Joo) in Doctors, I hated her. She really played being an antagonist so well in that drama.  Anyway, when I thought I ran out of dramas to watch, I started it and I liked it.

Do you know the actors & actress before you started watching the drama? I knew of Lee Sung-kyung because I watched her in Doctors. It’s my first time seeing Nam Joo Hyuk here in this kdrama.

How was the first episode?
First episode made me want to binge-watch it. 😀

What was your favorite part of the drama?
The part where in Kim Bok-Joo started going to the clinic of Jung Jae-Yi (Lee Jae Yoon) to lose weight.

Who is/are your favorite character in the drama?
Character of Nam Joo Hyuk’s Jung Joon-Hyung and Kim Bok-Joo.

Did you like the ending?
Yes, it’s a happy ending.

How’s the OTP(One True Pair)?
They were really effective as OTP. In fact, from the news they dated in real life but broke up.

Would you rewatch it?
Yes, I will rewatch it 🙂

Is this your first time watching this drama? If no, how many times have you watched it?
Yes, It’s my first time watching this drama.

If you can change the ending, would you change it? If yes, what will the ending be like?
I don’t want to change anything on the ending.

Did it make you search for all the dramas of the actors / actresses? Yes, I’m on the search of all Nam Joo Hyuk’s drama.

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