My Personal Review on Cdrama : Love O2O

Describe the drama plot you’re about to review in 10 words or less 😀
It’s a highschool / early adulthood romantic chinese drama.

How did you come to know about this drama series?
I first heard of it from my ex-colleague Mary in 2016. I didn’t watch it back then because I have heaps of kdramas lined up for me to watch. 😀 This year, after watching a cdrama A love so beautiful and reading good reviews, I watched it.

Do you know the actors & actress before you started watching the drama?
Not at all. It’s the first time seeing them. Xiao Nai played by Yang yang is such a good looking actor.

How was the first episode?
Coming from recently watching Kdrama bride of habaek, I had a hard time accepting how it was dubbed. Hehe. It can easily be noticed that it was dubbed and sometimes I can hear like there was ab echo. It has 45minutes per episode but I thin a total of 40minutes only since the intro takes long and the preview takes like 2.5 minutes.

About the Drama

What was your favorite part of the drama?
When the clan met face to face and they saw how beautiful Luwei Weiwei is.

Who is/are your favorite character in the drama?
Xiao Nai haha. He’s really handsome.

What’s the worst part of the drama?
For me, there are some parts that are not necessary anymore. So these parts I consider the worst.

Do you like the ending?
Yes, it was a whole episode of pure ending.

How’s the OTP(One True Pair)?
They have chemistry, and they look good together.

Would you rewatch it?
Maybe only those episodes that I like.

Is this your first time watching this drama? If no, how many times have you watched it?
Yes, it’s my first time.

If you can change the ending, would you change it? If yes, what will the ending be like?
I like how it ended, so no.

Did it make you search for all the dramas of the actors / actresses?
Yes, Yang yang’s drama. Haha.

Is there anything you want to add that has not been asked?

Rate the drama – 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.
8 stars

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