K-Drama Review : Fight For My Way

TV Series Title
Fight for My Way

Describe the drama plot in 10 words or less 😀
Childhood friends who eventually fall in love with each other after breaking up with their previous boyfriend/girlfriend. 

How did you come to know about this drama series?
After watching She was Pretty in 2016, I searched for Park Seo Joon‘s dramas and learned that “Fight for my way” is being shot so I waited for it. I didn’t get to watch it as soon as it came out though because I had a break from watching k-dramas 😀

Do you know the actors & actress before you started watching the drama?
Yes, I watched Kim Ji Won in Descendants of the Sun. I’ve seen Park Seo Joon’s dramas (She was pretty, Witch Romance) and Joo-Man’s Reply 1988. This is my first time seeing Seol-Hee.

How was the first episode?
I remember trying to start this drama 2 years ago. Ten minutes into the drama, I lost interest so I stopped that time. Fast forward, fight for my way first episode is not the best first episode. 😀

What was your favorite part of the drama?
When they realised that they like each other.

Who is/are your favorite character in the drama?
The main leads – Dong Man and Ae-ra. I like it when Ae-ra portrays the announcer role. She changes for the best. I also like coach Hwang Jang Ho because as a coach, he really cares about Dong Man’s future in MMA.

What’s the worst part of the drama?
I don’t like the ex-girlfriend because she doesn’t know the meaning of No. 

Do you like the ending?

It has a happy ending, so yeah, I like it.

How’s the OTP(One True Pair)?
They look together and so I wonder, was there a rumour that the OTP dated in real life?

Would you rewatch it?
Not the whole series but the parts that are “kilig” moments.

Is this your first time watching this drama? If no, how many times have you watched it?
Yes, it’s my first time.

If you can change the ending, would you change it? If yes, what will the ending be like?
I like the ending itself.

Did it make you search for all the dramas of the actors / actresses?
I searched for the dramas where they appeared 🙂

Is there anything you want to add that has not been asked?
None really.

Rate the drama – 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.
Rate: 7 (0 min / 10 max)

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