10 Must Watch K-Dramas

After watching “Fight for my Way” in Netflix, I ran out of series to watch next and so I asked the fb groups I am a member of what is the “most kilig” k-drama they have watched so far. From their replies, I will decide what I should watch next. Some people suggested one drama only, mostly suggested 2-4 dramas. The dramas that were suggested are mostly dramas I have watched and I could say that we have the same taste when it comes to k-dramas. Only one C-Drama came up which is Go go Squid and I’m watching that now.

If you’re looking for the next k-drama to watch, I suggest to go through this list and start watching them. These are all must watch and recommended k-dramas. 

Crash landing on you
It’s ok not to be ok
Something in the rain
Strong woman do bong soon
Cinderella & the 4 knights
Descendants of the sun
Whats wrong with secretary kim
Boys over flowers
Love in the Moonlight
My secret romance

If I have to list down my top-10 k-dramas, this will be the list in random order: 

Weightlifting fair Kim-Bok Joo 
Something in the Rain 
Scent of a woman
The world that they live in or Worlds Within
Reply 1988
Love in the Moonlight
Descendants of the Sun
Full House
Personal Taste
My Lovely Samsoon or My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Three dramas from my list are Song Hye Kyo starrer – the world that they live in(also worlds within), descendants of the sun and full house. I like the world that they live in because it feels like it’s so true. Something that can happen in real life. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo looked good together here. They really had good chemistry. It’s a story of two production directors who work at the same network station and pressured to produce hit dramas. They previously dated but eventually broke up and reunited after they broke up with their recent partners. 

One of my favorite actors is Hyun Bin hence the two dramas in my list. But that’s not the main reason why My Lovely Sam Soon came up. It really has a good story. It’s about a baker who caught her boyfriend cheating on Christmas Eve. It’s also on the same night he met Hyun Bin and the rest is for you to watch.  I have watched quite a lot of k-dramas, some c-dramas, let this be your guide on what to watch next. 🙂 Enjoy watching!