I’m watching My Roommate is a Gumiho!

Gumiho translated to english is fox. I wanted to start watching this the moment it started, however my impatience got in the way. I don’t want to wait every week for 2 new episodes, so I waited for it to finish at least episode 14 before I decided to start watching it. On my 2nd day of doing so, I’m on the 11th episode. Does it tell you much?

In the first episode, I knew that I will love this k-drama. It didn’t take long for the 2 protagonists to meet.  It wasted no time in telling the story of cohabitation between the 2 leads – Shin Woo-Yeo (played by Jang Ki Yong) and Lee Dam(played by Hyeri). By the way, usually gumiho is a very beautiful woman, but in this drama, gumiho is a guy. He revealed his true identity to Lee Dam – that him being a gumiho.

3 fun facts about our gumiho Woo Yeo
1. He can teleport –  Woo Yeo teleported from Singapore to South Korea.
2. He can disguise as someone else.
3. He is 999 years and 6 months old.

In episode 3, there is a bet between Sun-woo and his friends about Dam. Sun Woo pursues Dam making Dam thinks of ways how to discourage him. Later on, it’s not about the bet anymore for Sun Woo, he develops real feelings for Dam.

When I started watching it, this drama somehow reminded me of Goblin the lonely and great god. The male leads are both “old” and have a “younger” female counterpart. They both have magics haha. In the looks department, for me, he has angles where he looks like Hyun Bin. Their face shape, hair and built. haha. What else? Anybody agrees on me here?

I forgot which episode did Woo Yeo take out the marble from Dam, and he thought that he erased Dam’s memory. That episode was heart breaking especially when Dam started crying when she was on her way to school.

The episode where I am at, Woo Yeo starts to get hungry…. to be continued 😀