How to make a plant coir stick using coco fibre

What is a coir stick? It’s that stick we use to make the money plant or golden photos climb. We use coir stick to improve the growth of plants like money plant, philodendrons and monsteras(and there are more plants).
It also provides extra moisture to the aerial roots of these plants. These aerial roots help the plants absorb more moisture from the air. You will notice that once you start using coir stick, the leaves will be bigger and healthier, which make the plants look prettier.

We need these items to make our own coir stick.

1. Coconut fibre
2. Bamboo stake
3. Jute twine

Follow these steps to make your own beautiful plant coir stick. You can also watch the video I’ve prepared to make this pole.
1. Get a small amount of coco fibre.
2. Using the jute twine, tightly wrap the coco fibre around the bamboo stake.
3. Make sure to wrap it really tight.
4. Keep on doing this until you reach the end of the bamboo stake.

In the video, I used a thin and tall bamboo stake. If you want a bigger/thicker pole, use a bigger size of bamboo stake. You can also use wood or pvc pipes.

How to Make Coir Stick for Money Plant or Golden Photos