Covid-19 and Indoor plants

Early 2020, I did not have any indoor plants. Before lockdown, Porschia gave me plant lily. That was my first plant. A day before the lockdown, she gave me cuttings of monstera, string of banana, marble queen photos and golden photos. On my birthday, I gifted myself a glacier photos, the most expensive plant I bought. During lockdown, I started looking for other indoor plants in facebook marketplace. From there, I bought different cuttings, costed me $41 including shipping. I bought monkey mask or monstera adansonii, pink bubbles, string of pearls, brasil photos. All the cuttings survived except for the string of pearls. I thought I will be able to propagate at least 1 cutting of string of pearls. Not.

Coming out of Alert Level-2

When we came out of alert level-2 and went back to office, I swapped a glacier photos cutting to string of hearts plant with my officemate. Porschia also gave me birkin. My friend Let also gave me  snake plant, yuka and spider plant.  Five months later, I now have a total of 35 plants in pots. I want to have a variegated chain of hearts, but right now a cutting with 1 leaf is quite expensive for me. So I’ll wait till the price drops or someone dear gives me a cutting hahaha. 

Watching videos from youtube, I learned to decorate terracotta pots by using decoupage technique. The snake plant’s  pot, the small pot with the stars and the one on the right side of the pink pot was decorated using the technique. 

I also created a marketplace website for plants and anything related to plants. I created and sold macrame plant hangers there.  Plant t-shirts I printed are also listed in ownplants.

In short, I love my plants! 🙂 It’s one of the reasons I didn’t get bored and stayed at home during covid-19 lockdown. Looking at them everyday was more than enough to make me stay at home. 🙂