Korean words and phrases I’ve learned from watching K-Dramas

I’ve watched quite a number of k-drama series. As a result, I’ve picked up few key korean words and phrases and today I’m going to share them with you. As the list of k-drama I watch grows longer, I am eager to want to learn the language more so that in the future I don’t need to watch dramas with subtitles. Without subitltle, not only will it make watching faster, I will also be able to focus more on watching the actors and actress and see how they act and their facial expressions. I will also understand the drama better. 

I’ve ran these korean words with my friend and as I list the words, she also wrote down the words I’ve heard but forgotten to write. The output of  this exchange? I have more words than the original list. 

How many of these words and phrases sound familiar to you?

  1. Geonbae – Cheers
  2. Hwaiting – Fighting (When the lead actor is being encouraged to do great in a competition) 
  3. Daebak – Awesome
  4. Aigoo- Sigh
  5. Jin-jja / Jeongmal – Really?
  6. Omo – Oh no 
  7. Aigo – Oh dear!
  8. Aish – Damn it, Crap
  9. Yeppuda- Pretty
  10. Chua- Okay
  11. Andwae – You can’t!
  12. Mwo – What?
  13. Wae – Why?
  14. Gamsahabnida – Thank you
  15. Hoksi – By any chance …
  16. Kol – Deal!
  17. Ppeongchijima – Don’t lie
  18. Geureom – Sure! (The first time I heard it, I thought they’re saying krom) 
  19. Jamkkanman – Please wait
  20. Museun Soriya – What do you mean?
  21. Jaljayo – Goodnight.
  22. Yobo – Honey.
  23. Juseyo – Please.
  24. Jebal – Please (begging).
  25. Bogo sipeo – I miss you
  26. Yeoboseyo – Hello! (usually used when answering a phone call)
  27. Arasso – Understood
  28. Eotteoke – How?
  29. Hajima – Don’t do that.
  30. Hajimallago – I said don’t do that. 
  31. Geokjeonghajima – Don’t worry. 
  32. Jugullae? – Do you want to die?
  33. Saranghae – I love you. 
  34. Mwol Bwayo – What are you looking at?
  35. Ireoke – Like this?
  36. Mianhae – I’m sorry.
  37. Joahhae – I like you.
  38. Gwenchana – Are you ok? 

Affectionate terms to call or address:

– a younger female to an older female – Unni
– a female to an older male – Oppa
– a male to an older female – Noona
– a male to an older male – Hyung
– anyone to an older man you don’t know so well – Ajusshi
– someone older to a younger woman – Agasshi
– anyone but a student to a student of some sort – Haeksang

Most, if not all of these words will be uttered in any of the k-dramas you watch from now on. This I promise you. I would also like to hear from you! Comment out the words you always hear. I will put it in the list. Translate it if you must.