How to go to Nami island without bus tour – DIY

I thought of documenting how we traveled from myeongdong to garden of morning calm and nami island on our own or the DIY way.

From Myeongdong/Seoul subway get off Dongdaemun to get Line 1
From Dongdaemun get off Hoegi to get GyeongChun Line
From Hoegi get off Cheongpyeong station.
From Cheongpyong Station, take the taxi to Garden of morning calm. Taxi will cost you around KRW 18,000. You can also take the intra-city bus via imcho-ri.


Going back from Garden of morning calm to Nami Island

We took the intra-city bus going back to Cheongpyeong station because it was hard to get a taxi. You need to have prior booking. There was a number to call but I can’t connect to it. Just in case, here’s the number – Cheongpyeong taxi 031-584-1183.
From Garden of morning calm, either by taxi or intra-city bus, go to subway Cheongpyeong station.
From Cheongpyeong station(same GyeongChun Line), get off Gapyeong station.
From Gapyeong take a taxi to Ferry, it will cost you around krw 5,000-6,000 . If you want to take the bus, bus number is (No. 33-5, 33-36).

To go back to myeongdong, just follow in reverse order from gapyeong (skipping getting off cheongpyeong) hope this helps!


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