COVID-19 : Announcement from our NZ PM Jacinda Ardern

Today is my 2nd day (23-March-2020) of working from home. At 1:30pm, our NZ PM went live to announce that we’re already on alert level 3 and in 48 hours, moving onto alert level 4. Hearing her announce this made me cry. This is really serious. I hope everyone stay at home and do their part.

So what does Alert level-3 and 4 mean? This I got from

Alert Level 3 : Restrict
Heightened risk that disease not contained

  • Travel in areas of community transmission limited
  • Affected educational facilities
  • Mass gatherings cancelled
  • Public venues closed
  • Alternative ways of working required and some non-essential businesses closed
  • Non-face-to-face primary care consulations
  • Elective surgeries and procedures deferred and healthcare staff reprioritised

Alert Level 4 : Eliminate
Likely that disease not contained

  • People to stay at home
  • Educational facilities closed
  • All non-essential businesses closed
  • Rationing of supplies and requisitioning of facilities
  • Severe travel restrictions
  • Major reprioritisation of healthcare services.